The Dawn of the 110 Inch TV


The era of goliath TVs is officially upon us. Earlier this year art CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Samsung unveiled its new S9 series of mega TVs, which boast bigger screens and better resolutions than any TV to come before them. Amongst the featured models were the 85-inch, 95-inch, and mammoth 110-inch model. Let’s take a look at the new range of Samsung mega TVs to see how they measure up against the competition in terms of size and resolution—and how much buying one for your own home would actually cost.

Hot Right Now: 85-inch Samsung UN85S9 TV

It may be the smallest TV in Samsung’s new S9 series, but you certainly won’t need to squint to see a single detail on the 85-inch TV’s enormous screen. The Samsung model edges out the competition—LG and Sony—in terms of size by a mere inch and features what’s being referred to as a 4K or “ultra-high definition” resolution: 3840 x 2160.

One unique feature of all the new Samsung S9 mega TVs is its frame, which extends well beyond the boundaries of the TV itself. According to CNET, viewers will be able to tilt the TV up and down along the frame to suit their viewing experience. The 85-inch TV also features a full LED-backlit LCD screen and local dimming, which CNET Senior Editor David Katzmaier believes will further improve picture quality—as if you’ll need it with such a high resolution! Gesture control, voice recognition, touchpad remotes, and impressive speakers round out the range of neat features on the mammoth 85-inch TV.

So how much does this cutting-edge TV actually cost? The 85-inch model went on sale at Selfridges in the UK this past spring for a whopping price tag equivalent to 2,303,655 PHP. Needless to say, you probably won’t see it in your neighbourhood anytime soon, especially since LG and Sony’s 84-inch TVs are selling for approximately 868,198 PHP and 1,085,248 PHP, respectively.

What to Watch: Samsung’s 95-inch and 110-inch TVs

While Samsung’s 85-inch TV attracted a lot of attention at CES this year, the real showstoppers were the manufacturer’s 95-inch and 110-inch models. Like the 85-inch model, both the 95-inch and 110-inch TV will feature full LED-backlit LCD screens, local dimming, and ultra-high definition resolution, truly making them a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, neither the 95-inch nor the 110-inch TV is currently in production—nor are they likely to be anytime soon, according to an article published on Tech Radar earlier this year. But, if the price tag of Westinghouse’s 110-inch ultra-high definition TV is any indication of how much the Samsung model will eventually sell for, expect it to sell somewhere in the price range of 13,022,989 PHP. One thing is for sure: with mega TVs like Samsung’s 85-inch model currently on the market and the 95-inch and 110-inch TV currently on the horizon, what we expect from our home televisions in terms of size and resolution is about to change forever. Stay tuned.


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