The Best from E3

Gaming’s arm race was back last month coming with a bigger and more controversial show than ever before. With the Xbox One offering more details and the PlayStation 4 launching, excitement was at fever pitch before anyone even walked through the door. While LucasArts, 2K and THQ were absent, the swagger was still there so let’s take a look at the big moments.


The best games

As always there were a host of new releases at the ceremony and so many videogames were on show that everyone immediately wanted to buy. Including these five:

Watch Dogs – The first installment of this game at E3 last year stole the show and the latest offering is a good step on from the first build. One of the biggest changes is within multiplayer. Much like Assassin’s Creed, people will be able to join your game – without you knowing – and attempt to hack your phone. This does, however, suggest that you will have to be always online which is seemingly a Ubisoft push this year. The big open world and hacking is very modern and whether you’re a stealth fan who enjoys the hacking side or want to get your guns out and go down shooting, this game is for you and looks a lot like a complete package.

Titanfall – Respawn Entertainment – As we know, the marketplace is dominated by updates and sequels, so it was exciting to see a new game steal best in show this year. It looks breathless and offers a sci-fi theme that works brilliantly in single and multiplayer. There are traditional game modes, from teams to objective missions and with graphics and gameplay that leave you wanting more it is going to be a huge success.

Total War: Rome II – If you’re a PC and strategy buff then this latest edition of the Total War series is an absolute must-buy. The strategy games started in 2004 with Medieval Total War and it received high ratings from across the globe. Some nine years on with Creative Assembly and it is just going from strength to strength. The word this year is streamlining, this allows the game to keep the deep gameplay but also make it easier to use. Due out later this year, a 40% higher budget should mean that this is the most epic Total War game yet.

Mario Kart 8 – An interesting but fairly safe meeting for Nintendo introduced some sequels and upgrades to its favourite games. A storied franchise generally wouldn’t push the boundaries like Mario Kart has done again. It is this constant improvement that makes the game popular on every edition to both hardcore and casual gamers. Anti-gravity is the biggest addition as the ridiculously addictive gameplay goes to the next level.

The Elder Scrolls Online – 20 years on and still one of best role-playing games in the market, Elder Scrolls is back. This single-player adventure is now becoming an MMORPG with hundreds of players potentially on the screen at any one time. The first person view is a big kicker and players continue to become more immersed in the game, with more intensive combat.

Maybe not making the top five but the CapCon remastered Duck Tales game was a big talking point that everyone is excited about.


This is Christmas coming early for gaming nerds, with enough to get just about everyone excited. But, aside from the gaming there were other things such as Microsoft’s press conference, the PS4 challenging the Xbox and Nintendo fighting against mobile gaming. Check out the top 10 moments from Tech Radar.


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