PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

No matter what gamers came to this year’s E3 hoping to see, they all left talking about the same thing: the epic battle between Sony and Microsoft to create the most mind-blowing next generation gaming console. In terms of games and hardware, which are arguably two of the most important points, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One were rated similarly. But each console manufacturer was able to score extra points in some unexpected areas. See which one wins out in a battle of the specs.


Price. This was the aspect that had gamers talking for days after this year’s gaming conference. Sony definitely bested its competition by undercutting the price of Microsoft’s Xbox One by $100 (a little over 4,000 Philippine pesos). But whether you decide to invest in a new Xbox or a new Playstation, the real question is, what you get for all that cash? Take a look at the other specs to find out.

Looks. It may seem trivial in the gaming war to focus on outward appearance, by sizing up these two consoles based on looks is exactly what Sony and Microsoft want consumers to do. The two manufacturers went with decidedly minimalist hardware for this generation of their gaming boxes, as both are coated in black plastic and rectangular in shape. Sony mixed things up a bit by making its console upright, however, while Microsoft took a more horizontal approach.


Games. The lists of exclusive games compatible with each console were nothing to brag about, but there were enough there to peak gamer interest. Sony promised Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts for the Playstation 4. And Microsoft put forth Killer Instinct and Halo, amongst others. When it comes to how each console will handle used games, Sony definitely came out the winner. The Playstation 4 will allow users to play games with licenses that have already been used several times. In fact, there aren’t any restrictions with these discs, which is a huge disadvantage to owners of Microsoft’s Xbox.

Player controls. Where the Xbox One is concerned, users who hate change will have little reason to fear the controller. Very similar to the Xbox 360, it consists of up, down, left and right keys, as well as A, B, X and Y keys. There is also a shift stick. Sony played it safe with its DualShock 4 controller, as well, although they did smooth out a few ergonomic issues. A larger controller with smoother edges makes it more comfortable for holding during long gaming sessions, which will come as a relief for gamers with large hands.

When it comes down to which console to buy, gamers are split. Based on accessibility and initial price, Sony wins the day. But the cost of the Xbox One over the long term may be reason to give it a second look. When will gamers be able to get their hands on these consoles? Both Sony and Microsoft say they will release the Playstation 4, respectively, in November 2013. Until then, get a side-by-side breakdown of these two gaming consoles by checking out Guardian UK.


One response to “PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One

  1. I think I want the Playstation, Xbox seems to be lacking in terms of value for money, especially when it is over 5,000 PHP more!

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