The Top Gadgets of MI:6

MI6, the British secret service, likes to try to keep a low profile, however, it is the hushed up nature of the organisation that makes it so fascinating. Of particular interest is the hi tech hardware used by secret agents. Over the years, Bond films have given viewers a fantastical insight into the devices an undercover agent might use, but what would a real life spy have at their disposal?


X-Ray Spray

While x-ray spray won’t let you see through Miss Moneypenny’s office outfit, the ingenious aerosol still serves an important service in the arsenal of a spy. Application of the spray onto an envelope turns the paper see-through, allowing a spy to check what’s inside without having to tamper with the wrapping. After half a minute, the envelope returns to its normal, opaque state, without leaving a trace.

Pinhole cameras

In the past, to conceal a camera, an agent would have shoved the thing into a giant holdall or an oversized hat. These days, however, pinhole cameras allow a spy to incorporate the tiny filming device into almost any object they want. Pinhole cameras are so small that they can be completely hidden inside cigarette packets, ties, buttons and even the tips of screws.

Evading Detection

Bug Detector

Evading detection is a constant worry for a secret agent. Cunning adversaries will stop at nothing to try to protect their interests, which means having even their closest allies put under surveillance. To avoid any sensitive information from falling on the wrong ears, a spy can use a bug detector to reveal any listening devices in the vicinity.

White Noise Generator

A white noise generator is another great way to make sure that private conversations stay private. The clever gadget will render almost all listening devices useless by transmitting waves that interfere with wireless devices, to completely muffle the details your conversation.


Voice Changer

A spy might have a briefcase full of false passports but their voice will always give them away. To make sure this never happens, whenever speaking on the phone, an agent should employ the use of a voice changer. The pocket sized device allows you to completely alter the pitch of their voice. A voice changer can make someone sound much older or younger than they are, or even sound like the opposite sex, it is a great way to throw an enemy off the scent.


Concealed Knives

The last thing a spy wants is to engage in combat with enemy forces. However, you should always be prepared for the worst, because, as an any good agent knows, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. A concealed knife is a handy combat tool that allows a spy to turn the tables on assailants in an instant. Various facades for a concealed blade include pens, lipstick and umbrellas.

Stun Pens

If a knife is a bit too messy, then a more economical way to escape attack is with a stun pen. Appearing to resemble an ordinary marker pen, the cunningly concealed gadget actually contains an electrical system capable of delivering a 500,000 volt shock. The device will certainly debilitate a human and should even be powerful enough to ward of any unruly guard dogs.


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